Orange Mint Summer Drink🍹

Orange-Mint-Summer Drink🍹:


today evening i suddenly had a craving to drink something with mint.. So i thought why not to make an orange-mint drink 🍊🍹😊!!

And I am also taking this healthy drink to Angie’s Fiesta Friday party..




mint leaves-a handful( or as per taste )

Honey-2 spoon

cold water-1/4 cup( to give chillness )

How to make:

1) blend all the ingredients together till smooth..


2)strain thus juice with a strainer in order to avoid chunks..



Orange-Mint-Summer drink is ready.. Add ice cubes if needed( i avoided it )!!


The mint flavor with sweet-sour taste of orange is awesome.. i loved the smell..I hope everyone at the party loves it😊❤..


Njoy folks😊!!

15 thoughts on “Orange Mint Summer Drink🍹

  1. I’ve look over this a few times and keep coming back. I move on because it’s 6 degrees outside, and mint struggles to live. I come back because one day it will be 40 (or 100 and something in the old scale). I guess that means this’ll be marked in the hope of summer. Thank you for bringing it along.


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