Carrot Apple Cheese Spring Rolls!!

Carrot Apple Cheese Spring Rolls!!


Yesterday for our Ifthar grated carrot was the star ๐Ÿ˜Ž!! I served two different snacks with carrot as the key ingredient..

1) samosa with carrot and egg filling

2)carrot apple cheese spring rolls


The recipe of the first one is already posted which is spicy..and made the other one sweet and sour let’s check the second one..



Carrot-2 ( grated )

green apple-1 ( grated without skin )

Cheddar cheese-grated( as per taste )

mozzarella cheese-grated ( as per needed )

sugar-3 spoon

Ghee-1 big spoon

olive oil – for deep frying

Spring roll sheets/ roti’s made of all purpose floor- 1 for each roll

How to make:

1) first if all heat a wok .. Add ghee and cook the grated carrots along with sugar in the ghee for 4-5 mins..


2)now off the flame.. Add rest of the ingredients to this carrot and mix well..


3)now fill this to the spring roll sheets and secure the end portion with the flour gum like paste( made with any flour mixed with some water)..



4)now fry the rolls with little oil or bake them out.. As the filling is wet, my rolls din’t came out that crispy..


But i could assure you 1 thing, that your family especially kids would love this sweet and sour cheesy rolls..

Spring roll
Spring roll

Try this unique easy roll recipe..



Njoy folks๐Ÿ˜Š!!


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