Dry Chilly Chicken

Dry Chilly Chicken:( sweet and spicy with no added colour or preservatives and less effort)


Yesterday evening my hubby asked me to prepare some Chilly Chicken !! Also he was having a craving for spaghetti too.. So spaghetti and dry chilly chicken was made for dinner..😊!! Actually its my favorite.. He was not much interested in Chinese Cuisine..but now with my continuous experimenting he too started loving Chinese Cuisine😛❤😊!!

so here is my version of chilly chicken and the recipe of Chicken Noodles in Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce  is on  another post..click the link for the recipe..



ingredients for marinating:

Chicken boneless breast -1 whole packet( cut to small cube sized )

Kashmiri chilly powder-1 spoon( this gives the nice red colour )

Egg white-of 1 egg

Lemon juice-of 1 lemon

all purpose flour-4 spoon

ginger, garlic,green chilly paste-2 spoon( made out of 1 big pc ginger, 7-8 garlic cloves and 3 chillies )

Oyster sauce-1 spoon

Soya sauce-1 spoon

tomato ketchup-4 spoon( 2 spoon for marinade and

Green chilly -2 ( sliced diagonally )

Ingredients for final sauting:

Olive oil-1 spoon

garlic -4-6 cloves ( finely chopped )

Green bell pepper-1 1/2( cut to cubes )

onion-2( cut to cubes )

canola oil/veg oil-enough for deep frying

How to make:

1) lets start with marinating chicken ..Take a pot and add all the ingredients for the marinade..Mix all together and The chicken has to be well mixed with the marinade..


2) cover the pot firmly with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 1/2 an hour..more you keep, the more tasty it turns😊!!


3)now take it out of the refrigerator…and deep fry it in enough oil..do it in batches..strain it from oil and place over tissue paper.. Press well with the tissie so that excess oil is wiped out!!


4)now keep another pan, add olive oil..saute tge garlic well and add tge onion and bell pepper.. Saute well along withsome salt and tomato ketchup and soya sauce..


5)add the chicken and mix all together.. Off the flame and serve hipt..


This can be served as a starter, sidedish for rice or noodles..


this was sweet and spicy flavored.. We loved it❤❤


njoy folks😊!!

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