Lasagne Rolls With Tuna Filling in Pasta Sauce

Lasagne Rolls With Tuna Filling:

This is the continuity post of  1 Filling And 2 Recipes!!( Tuna with Pasta Sauce made to-1)Puff Rolls & 2) Lasagne Rolls)..there i posted the recipe of Puffs..and here come the recipe of lasagne rolls…I also posted the recipe of Indo-Italian Lasagne recipe soon after i started this this is my second post giving a twist to normal lasagne  recipe …but it tasted so good!!

my family loved the lasagne rolls more than Puffs,me too:-)

10401410_833684243316184_4505072426553649153_n (1)

the recipe of Tuna Filling along with Pasta sauce is given in that post….this lasagne recipe is too easy to do at lazy days:-)



tuna filling- 1 bowl

lasagne sheets- 4

mozzarella cheese- 1 small bowl(grated)

cheddar cheese-1/4 bowl(grated)

olive oil- for spreading in the oven dish and to add in boiling water

pasta sauce-3 spoon

How to make:

1)boil the lasagne sheets in enough water along with some salt and olive oil..drain out the water when its done and separate the sheets…

2)now take the oven dish and grease it with enough let’s start rolling the lasagne sheets with filling..


3)take 1 sheet in a plate..spread needed amount of filling in it evenly..sprinkle some cheese all over it and start rolling from 1 side..

4)when the roll is done,cut it halves if neede..i did so,because my baking dish was smaller now finish off all the rolls and place it in the oven dish…try to fill all the space..


5)now add some cheese, pour the pasta sauce all over it and finish off with sprinkling cheese generously…


6)now keep this for 5 mins (or as per time needed to melt the cheese) at the oven preheated at 180 degree..


so yummy cheesy  lasagne rolls are ready!! serve it hot and add more pasta sauce if needed!!




njoy folks😊!!

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