Soya Chunks Rice,Grilled Paneer( Cottage Cheese) with Mint Dip(Veg Indian Platter)

Soya Chunks Rice,Grilled Paneer( Cottage Cheese) with Mint Dip:

Yesterday i prepared a whole meal for dinner that to complete vegan😊!! Paneer and soya chunks were the key ingredients..


So I am taking this to Angie’s Firsta Friday#24!! Hope all my vegan  and non-vegan friends would love it😃!!

Recipe of Soya Rice:



Soya chunks-1 small bowl( put it in boiling water for some time with salt and squeeze out ecxess water from it)

rice-1 1/2 cups( boiled and drain out excess water)

Carrot-2( cut to small pcs)

beans-( cut to small)

Potato-2 ( cut to small )

Onion-1 ( chopped )

garam masala powder-1 teaspoon

black pepper powder-1/2 teaspoon

G&G paste-1 teaspoon

Ghee-3 spoon

whole garam masala spices-as shown in image( just for the smell and flavor)

How to make:

1)heat a pot, add 1 1/2 spoon ghee,saute the wholespices and later add the soya chunks and cook for a while.. Keep it aside on another plate when done..


2)now heat the same pot, add left ghee and then add onion.. Cook it for few mins and then add potato and carrots.. Add enough salt.. Let it cook with lid closed..


3)now add the G&G paste,beans to this and saute well.. Later add the masala powders and soya chunks..pour some water and mix well..


4)now start adding the rice in batches and stirr it well.. Now add all rice and it should be mixed well with the veggie stuff..


5)make the flame low and cook withlid closed for 4-5 mins and off the flame!!

Soya chunk rice is ready😊!!

Recipe of grilled paneer:


Paneer( cottage cheese)-1 packet cut to thick small slices

Marinade made out of-G&G paste( 1/2 spoon),chilly powder(1/2 spoon), Kashmiri Chilly(1/2 teaspoon), turmeric powder(1/2 teaspoon), pepper powder(1/2 spoon), coriander powder-1/2 spoon, cumin seeds(1/2 teaspoon), salt and water

skewer sticks-2

green bell pepper-1/2 ( cut to square pcs)

onion-1( cut to square pcs)

How to make:

1)marinate all the ingredients well to the cottage cheese and keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour or so..


2)later take it out and grill it in a grilling pan along with some olive oil greased on it..turn both sides and grill it..don’t overcook!!


3)also grill the green bell pepper and onion inserted within a skewer!!turn all sides and grill it..

Grilled spicy paneer is ready!!

Recipe of Mint Dip:


mint-1 big bunch

cilantro leaves-small bunch

curd-3 spoon or more

sugar-a pinch

salt-as per needed

lime juice-1/2 lemon

Onion-1 small

How to make:

1) blend all the ingredients together well (add 1/2 the curd first).. Then later add the left curd to it after taking off from the blender..


Mint dip is reAdy😃!!

so enjoy the whole vegan rich pate full of yummy spicy Indian food😃




Njoy Folks😊!!



31 thoughts on “Soya Chunks Rice,Grilled Paneer( Cottage Cheese) with Mint Dip(Veg Indian Platter)

  1. I am sure I never had soya chunks before, but this looks good, Nimmi. Vegetarian, you said? Hmm, perfect meal. Happy FF#24 to you and enjoy the weekend!


  2. Hello – I am one of the co-hosts for Fiesta Friday this week and I think t!hat you will find a lot of takers for this lovely and delicious dish! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with us – Happy Fiesta Friday


  3. Hi Nimmi, this is a delicious platter you have brought to FF! Great combo – love the flavorful rice with soya chunks and the spicy grilled panner. The refreshing mint dip perfectly complements these two! Awesome! Happy Fiesta Friday to you. And so nice to meet you through FF. Hope you are having fun at the party! 🙂


  4. Your photos are really mouthwatering and have really made me want to try this dish. All those fresh ingredients make it ideal for this time of year. Lovely to meet you and thanks for joining us at Fiesta Friday.


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