Chicken Ravioli In Coconut-Garlic Sauce & Fried Chicken Ravioli

Chicken Ravioli In Coconut-Garlic Sauce!! & Fried Chicken Ravioli..

Today for Ifthar I wanted to prepare something juicy and soft.. Thus Chicken Ravioli was finalized..and then came the question about which sauce😳😓!!?? So many things went through my mind.. I just ran my eyes through the kitchen cabinets and coconut milk powder took away all my attention..!



soooo… The winner of the of the lucky draw was Coconut milk powder🏆😝..the sauce  was amazing !!

i did 2 types of ravioli with same filling, 1 fried and other one with sauce..




Boneless chicken-1 pc ( minced )

Ginger-1 big pc( chopped )

G&G paste-1 teaspoon

pepper powder-1 teaspoon

onion-1 ( finely chopped )

green Chilly-1 ( finely chopped )

cilantro leaves-a small bunch( chopped )

Olive oil-2 spoon

tomato paste-1 spoon

Garlic-5-6 cloves( finely chopped )

butter- as per taste

coconut milk-1 small bowl(i made out of three spoon coconut milk powder)


All purpose flour-1 cup

Egg white-of 1 egg( beated

) canola oil-enough for deep frying

How to make Ravioli:

1)first lets prepare the dough.. Mix salt, AP flour, olive oil( 1 spoon ) along with some water to a soft dough.. Press well and make it goid for rolling..

image 2)now lets prepare the filling..Heat pan, add. Olive oil.. Then onion & ginger.. Saute well..

3)then add g&g paste, chillies, and cilantro leaves along with minced chicken.. image

4)cook well .. Now add pepper powder and tomato ketchup.. Adjust salt as per taste.. image ( Don’t my filling look like Scrambled egg😳😝??)

5)off the flame when the chicken is done..

6)now start rolling the dough after making to batches..roll it to big thin shape( add lot of flour to prevent sticking )

 for fried Ravioli’s

7) place the fillings on the surface of 1 roti ( first spread beated egg white over it) as shown in iMage and cover it with another One above and stick the portion surounding the filling as shown..

8)now take a zig zag shaped cutter or any object..( i used my zig zag scrapper 😛) and cut the ravioli’s out..

image image 9)deep fry them in oil and cook well.. Drain out excess oil and place on tissue paper.. image its ready😊!! for sauced Ravioli’s

10)roll the dough to thin long roti’s.. Cut out the circle with a mug or something..spread the egg whites on it..

11)place the filling and fold by half.. Stick the edges firmly and join both the ends together as shown in the image..make it safe so that no filling goes out while boiling.. image   image

12)now boil enough water in a bowl and add some salt.. Put the ravioli’s in it and cook well without breaking out them.. image

13)take it out from the water when done!! remove all excess oil…don’t break it safe!!

Preparing Coconut-Garlic Sauce:

14)heat pan,add butter, then garluc and saute well…the flavor of garlic should be top.later add the tomatoes and salt..cook till soft.. image

15)now add the thick coconut milk and cook in low flame..and add the ravioli’s.. again cook it without breaking !!when its thick enough,off the flame.. image ravioli in sauce is done:-)!! image image

image njoy folks


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