Tortilla Casserole With Chicken & Cauliflower

Tortilla casserole is that one recipe which I always wanted to try..and last week I made it😊!! With the not so favorite ingredient of my family-cauliflower( but I love cauliflower)!!added some chicken chunks as well to please my husband and daughter..😛!!


So my version of Tortilla Casserole is enriched with The Indian Spices..!!and the magic worked.. All of us loved it especially hubby😊!! So now tortilla casserole is happily added to our menu..

tortilla casserole with chicken and cauliflower


here’s the recipe:






Tortilla-5( sliced to 1 inch pcs )

Chicken-1 breast pc ( chopped )

Cauliflower-small 1 ( half boiled )

olives-a spoonful

Green bell pepper-1/2 ( sliced )

Garlic-4 cloves ( finely chopped )

cilantro leaves-finely chopped

olive oil-2 spoon

mozzarella cheese

Black pepper powder-1 spoon

crushed chilly flakes-1/2 teaspoon

chilly powder-1 teaspoon

turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon

milk-1/4 cup

How to make:

1)heat a wok.. Add add the chicken, crushed chilly , salt and pepper powder..sauté for few mins..

2)now to this add garlic, red chilly powder, turmeric powder.. Mix together and cook in high flame till chicken becomes cooked..


3)now add the bell peppers..mix well..later add the cauliflower .. Cook for 6-8 minutes..



4)later add olives and milk.. Now heat in low flame for 4 mins.. To this add the tortilla pcs and mix all together..and cook for few mins and off the flame!!



5)now let’s start the layering.. add the first layer of tortilla mix and top with some cheese.. Then do the second layer and finish off with lot of cheese at the top.. Now microwave it for 3-5 mins till the cheese melts..


now Tortilla casserole is done!! Serve it hot and njoy the taste at its best..

Cauliflower along with chicken and tortilla tasted too good.. Tortilla was really soft and cheesy..

tortilla casserole


Njoy folks😊!!


17 thoughts on “Tortilla Casserole With Chicken & Cauliflower

  1. I LOVE tortilla casserole and have only made it with Mexican seasonings- your version with the turmeric- great! LOVE the cauliflower too- cheesy casseroles are a great way to mask less favorable ingredients from the family!! 😉 Lovely addition to Fiesta Friday! Hope you are enjoying the party!! 🙂 Josette

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words.. Yeah I agree with the less favorable ingredients matter.. It works a lot with cheese😃!! Of course I am enjoying the great Fiesta with all u guyz😊.. HappyFiesta Friday..

      Liked by 1 person

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