Lamb korma/ mutton kurma

Lamb Korma/kurma!! One of the most celebrated item in our family menu😋!!we buy lamb occasionally, its because not that fond of it like chicken🍗 whenever I am about to cook mutton my husband prefer it this way-Korma/ Kurma!!


Korma with spicy thick coconut sauce is really a good combo with ghee rice or “pathiri”( an Indian bread with rice flour)..As I am not good in making pathiri, we prefer ghee rice..😕😛


During Ramadan we used to try more lamb recipes..otherwise all the experiment is on hopefully you can expect more lamb recipes this Ramadan here☺️!!


so here’s the recipe:


( don’t be amazed seeing the list of spices!! I can’t help it😆)

For cooking lamb in crock-pot or pressure cooker:


lamb/mutton-1/2 kg( I used boneless pcs)

Onion-1 ( sliced)

ginger & garlic – 2 spoon (crushed)

Coriander powder-3 spoon

turmeric powder-1 spoon

chilli powder-1.5  spoon

kasmiri chilli powder-1 spoon

Black pepper powder-1 spoon

garam masala powder-0.5 spoon

For coconut sauce:


Coriander powder-3 spoon

turmeric powder-1 spoon

chilli powder-1.5 spoon

kasmiri chilli powder-1 spoon

fennel seeds-a pinch

coconut-2 small cups

water-as per needed

Green chillies-4 small

For final cooking :


coconut oil-3 spoon

Onion-3 ( sliced )

tomato-1 ( sliced )

tomato paste-2 spoon

Cilantro leaves-chopped

All the above listed spices-1/2 spoon each except pepper powder and garam masala powder

For seasoning:


Shallots-a handful

coconut oil-1 spoon

kashmiri chilly powder-a small pinch

How to make:

1)first step is to cook the lamb in a spicy solution in pressure cooker or crockpot.. Mix all the ingredients along with salt and press it with hands for better taste and pour some water depending on the quantity of lamb.If you are using pressure cooker off the flame after 5-6 whistles..


2)now let’s make the coconut sauce.add all the ingredients together and blend till it become a soft paste like consistency..

3)now heat a cooking pot.. Add oil and then onion.. Cook for few mins till it start turning brown.. Now add tomato paste along with all the spices and salt.. Sauté well for 2-3 mins..

4)add the fresh tomatoes and some cilantro leaves.. Sauté well and keep the lid close for few mins in low flame..


5)now add the cooked soft lamb pcs along with the spicy juice in which we cooked it..that juice is the highlight of this recipe..cook in low flame for few mins ..( from now till the end of cooking,only low flame!!)

6)add the coconut sauce to this curry and pour some water to the blender and add.. Then mix well and cook this for 8-10 mins in low flame with lid closed .. Check for here comes the spicy yummy smell of Korma😋!And off the flame..


7)now let’s do the final seasoning!! Heat a pan with oil.add the shallots ,cook till it becomes brown. And then add a pinch of Kashmiri chilli powder for better taste.. When it’s perfect dark brown, off the flame!!

8)now add this tadka/ seasoning to the curry and mix well.. Now only our recipe is done😃👍🏻!!add some cilantro leaves for extra garnishing..


so njoy this spicy korma with your favorite rice/ bread..


this is really a big post:-)!!


Njoy Folks☺️!!


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