Grilled Egg Sausage Sandwich

We all knows how hard it is to provide varieties to work/school lunch boxes😒!! Sandwiches and Quesadillas are an important part of our busy lives.. So far, I tried a number of new sandwich fillings.. It’s all about creativity and what we got at pantry/ freezer😛!Two key factors to be considered are easiness and health..


This is the recipe of a new sandwich I prepared few months back..!! Most of the time I couldn’t click the pics.. Now I need to recreate all those amazing recipes for my blog soon during this vacation ..☺️


You can find  Bread packets and Tortillas all the time in my pantry .. Because theses are the things which help me to a great extend !!

so here’s the super easy handy recipe:



egg-3 ( hard boiled and sliced thin)

chicken sausage-5 nos. ( sliced thin )

bread-8 nos. ( I made 4 sandwiches )

Cucumber-1 big ( sliced thin )

Cheese slice-6

tomato-1 ( sliced thin)

white onion-1 small pc( sliced thin)

Hot sauce-as per taste

olive oil-2 spoon

How to make:

1) first heat a pan and sauté the sausage slices in olive oil till it get the flame when done!!

2)now take the first bread slice. Keep the cheese slice as  first layer.. Then place the layer of onion, cucumber and tomato slices evenly and pour hot sauce as per you need..

3)now place the sausage slices as third layer followed by egg slices and finish off with 1/2 of the cheese slice as small pcs here and there evenly..


4)now cover this with the second bread slice and keep inside the grilling machine for 2-3 mins and press well..


5)on turning golden brown color off the grilling machine and take the yummy, cheesy sandwiches out..


now pack them off for the day😋!!


So our super easy delicious sandwich is done!!


Njoy folks☺️!!

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