One Pot Shredded Chicken Sandwich

Now a days I’m trying some new sandwich and quesadilla recipes for lunch box . All the discoveries mainly depends on 3 factors:

1)what is currently available in my pantry and refrigerator .
2)How easily I can prepare it in busy mornings .
3)And the taste preference of my family.

shredded chicken sandwich
shredded chicken sandwich

I think all ladies over there would be following the same method.. Isn’t it😄??

one pot shredded chicken
one pot shredded chicken

Yes… We try to prepare a single thing which all the members can have from work/ school without any complaints..For kids the food can’t be too spicy and for us, elders it can’t be too boring.. So balancing the spice factor is a big task😐!!

easy chicken sandwich recipe
easy chicken sandwich recipe

Here’s a sandwich recipe made from a one pot filling with less effort, still yummy one you can try for lunch boxes..


one pot pulled chicken
one pot pulled chicken

Burger buns-6

Chicken breast pcs-4 ( cut to cubes )

Chilly flakes-1/2 teaspoon

Chilly powder-1 teaspoon

Coriander powder-1 spoon

Garam masala powder-1 teaspoon

Karahi masala powder-1 spoon

Hot sauce-1 spoon

Salt -as per taste

Ginger garlic paste-1 spoon

Mayonnaise-as per taste (I used HEINZ CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA flavor .my faaaaaavorite😋)

Water-1/2 cup

How to make:

1)mix all the ingredients except mayonnaise and bun in one pot..then heat in medium flame.. If you got crockpot, then use it.. Occasionally stir the mixture and when the chicken becomes hard increase the flame and reduce the water content..

2)once the water content is reduced , then shred the chicken with a fork and knife . If crockpot you can use an egg beater to make the job easier..I used the first one..

step by step recipe images
step by step recipe images

3)cook the shredded chicken a little more in that water .. And add more spices or salt if you the flame when it done!


4)now mix the shredded chicken with your favorite mayo and fill in the burger bus and serve hot😋🍔🍹!!
It can be served even without mayonnaise.. Because the shredded chicken itself is cooked in a rich spice gravy..

And must say this recipe was a hit at the first attempt itself at my home.. If you want you can prepare the filling overnight, refrigerate without mixing mayonnaise and in the morning heat it in microwave and then fill it inside burger buns..I used to do that way with all fillings for sandwich!!

chicken sandwich
chicken sandwich

So that I will get enough time to finish other works before leaving home for work.,

I hope all of you liked this easy recipe post..
Do give a try and let me know..

here I am taking this to Fiesta Friday


Njoy folks☺️!!


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