Third Month of my blogging Journey😊-a bunch of THANKS!!

Third Month Of My Blogging Journey😊- A bunch of THANKS!!

todays its been 3 months since i first posted in my blog..😃!! Time to celebrate😃💃💃!!and today i thought of Thanking my dear HUBBY ,every fellow bloggers, my friends, Family and wonderful unknown still my friendly readers😊,facebook followers!! A BIG THANKS and Love to all…😊❤❤!!

And there was a bunch of blogging friends who  poured love and blessings through their wonderful Comments, Awards and Likes😃.. Thanks to all of so many friends without the limits of boundary!!!Thanks to the whole WordPress Family!!

here’s a glimpse of my posts till now.. Not all!! Still there’s some😊..






A number of Awards are there yet to be accepted!! Guyzz.. give me some time to do😃!!So in todays post I am Accepting 1 same Award  nominated by two friends..

Wonderful Team Membership Readership Award 


Nominated by my besties-Malar from Malar’s Kitchen  & Ahila from Sri Lankan Cuisine.. Please do check their yummy blogs for awesome recipes and more..They have always been very kind and generous to me through their continous support..most of the time Malar would be the first one to like & comment on my posts😊!! Ahila  always give you wonderful recipes along with melodious songs from movies and so on..

This award is meant to be Nominated to 14 bloggers whose posts you  enjoyed during the past week!! So here I am nominating the bloggers who posted recipes which made me go crazy😃!!

it was really hard to choose from my friends..😔!! Still here’s a short list of some..

1)mango ice cream by Shannu of FOOD PACKED WITH PASSION AND LOVE

2)baked katori chaat by Chithra of Chithra’s healthy Kitchen

3)dark mocha cake with cream cheese filling by  Indu from Indu’s international kitchen

4)my version Of Indian Paneer by Margherita of Lapetitecasserole

5) Salmon Spelt Bowl And Cleanse by Tina from mademoiselle gourmande

6)Ina Gartens Parmesan Chicken by Loretta from Safari Of The Mind

7)danish Old fashioned apple cake by Naina of Spice in the city

8)posh bread pudding by Farianti from My Simple Delights

9)Fresh Orange Jello by Violets And Vanilla

10) nutella cookies by Erika from Tea with Erika

11)keema paratha by Srilakshmi Nair from Flavors of my family

12)birthday breakfast cupcakes by Rosemarie’s Kitchen

13)crock pot Jambalaya by Ummey from Not bikini ready

14)goat cheese Ravioli by Indira from I’ll cook you wash

Congratz to all who get nominated..once again THANK YOU EVERY ONE:-)

njoy folks😊!!


27 thoughts on “Third Month of my blogging Journey😊-a bunch of THANKS!!

      1. Welcome! I just started blogging a week ago, hopefully I can be as accomplished as you in three months:)


  1. Congratulations, you’re very dedicated i don’t know how you post everyday but I love it, you’re amazing!


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